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So here we are, the complete collection of all Toxic Tuba Games. By now there are 2 titles in development at the same time though focus is on the first title first.

All games on this page are created with the Adventure Game Studio. Then also a lot of Photoshop, After Effects, Blender 3D, love, Coffee, bad ideas, good ideas and insame amounts of time went into that, please enjoy!

Translation Projects

Toxic Tuba also translates video games into other languages than english, for now mostly german. Here is a list of all translated projects for your gaming pleasure!

The inanimate Mr. Coatrack

The inanimate Mr. Coatrack - Logo The inanimate Mr. Coatrack - Screenshot The inanimate Mr. Coatrack - Screenshot 2

A very absurd and twisted fun game where you are Dr Victor Bernhardt, a scientist crossing the final frontier, you play Frankenstein and bring a corpse back to life. And what a corpse it is! But find out yourself...
Filled with lots of willie jokes and dismembered limbs, this is a 20-30 minutes experience every adult adventure gamer will love.

Made in 2 weeks for the Adventure Jam 2019 by Powerhoof!

German translation by Toxic Tuba!

Status: Released
Price: Freeware

I Want Out!

I Want Out! - Logo I Want Out! - Screenshot I Want Out! - Screenshot 2

A beautiful adventure game that is basically a simple escape the room game (mind the game name), but it is very charming! Great setting and great graphics and some mean puzzles account for some 30 minutes to 1 hour of puzzling gameplay.

Made in France by the Fouache Brothers!

German translation by Toxic Tuba!

Status: Released
Price: Freeware

Sisyphus Reborn

Sisyphus Reborn - Logo Sisyphus Reborn - Screenshot Sisyphus Reborn - Screenshot 2

A moody philosophical adventure set in a barren land drawn in a minimalistic artstyle that questions existence and life in general and makes you do the same while bringing you good entertainment and providing food for thought at the same time!
Please note that the game has an exceptionally great soundtrack and a 94% positive rating out of ~700 votes on steam (and also 7 easy achievements for your steam library)!

Made by Edwin Montgomery for Myshkin Entertainment.

German translation by Toxic Tuba!

Status: Released
Price: Freeware

Sabotage on Noegato-Bas - Logo

Sabotage on Noegato-Bas

You are a worker that joined the terroris movement of Molotiv on planet Neogato-Bas, that is controlled by the huge company FUELZ. FUELZ suppresses the working force, it is your duty to fight for freedom and help the workers.

Find out more on the
Sabotage on Noegato-Bas game page.

Price: Freeware
Releasedate: 2019
Sphonx - Logo



Sphonx lets you discover scientifically advanced technology and antique artifacts on an archaeological expedition in an ancient egyptian pyramid as Ignacio "Iggy" Dias, a young and interested archaeologist in the near future.

Find out more on the Sphonx game page.

Sphonx - Ignacio Dias Sphonx - Ignacio Dias

Progress: ~80%
Price: Freeware
Release Date:
sometime 2019
Hybrid - Logo


Hybrid - Screenshot 1 You are Dr. Agon, a recognised brain surgeon, retired lobotomist and leisure time craniologist, and he is one of the best in his field.
Today's schedule has Dr. Agon transplanting a brain from a small badger (Mellivora capensi) into a small black squirrel monkey specimen (Saimiri vanzolinii). Help Dr. Agon get the job done by operating sciencefictionally accurate heavy machinery and solving very complex puzzles.
What could possibly go wrong?

Find out more on the Hybrid game page.

Progress: ~80%
Price: Pay what you want
Release Date:
After Eternal Chrysalis

Finished Games


bird - Logo bird - Screenshot 1 bird - Screenshot 2
bird is a very (experi)mental title unlike anything you've played before. Optix and soundz make your imagination go wild. This is like the game to all the videos on the Toxic Tuba page.

Find out more on the bird game page.

Status: Released
Price: Freeware
Release Date:
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