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Cookies and your very personal Data

The Toxic Tuba Cookie Policy on this pages is very easy. We put 1 (in words ONE) cookie on your Harddrive through the browser. This is a small text file in which a number is stored. This number is no unique identifier, but it increases by one every time you send a new page request to the server this page is hosted on. This cookie has a life of 31 days, whenever you revisit the page we see you've been here before and still count your page requests. After 31 days of no visit to the site your browser automatically deletes the cookie and when you revisit the page after that point in time you are like a fresh new face to us.

To prevent abuse and to understand user behaviour and improve the page we store the IP address every page request comes from for roughly 7 days and in case we see hacking or spamming or flooding attempts in the server logs your IP address will move to a blacklist of IP addresses that no longer can view the page. All other logged IP addresses will be wiped from the database after around 7 days (whenever the lazy webmaster sees a need for it), the blacklist entry for your malicious IP is permanent!

That's it, we don't have ads or analytics on this page so there you have it, NO data of your visit is stored on some random servers in the US where no data protection laws exist, but this page and your visit is temporarily stored on European servers. Enjoy the page, the videos, the games!
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