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released in 2012 already this is a very (experi)mental title taking you on a trip through weird sounds and bizarre imagery that bend and warp your senses. The Optical Illusion Game Simulator has you manipulating basic geometric shapes so that your brain interprets non present imagery into what you see on screen (and actually don't see), lines begin to bend even though they are totally straight and checkerboard patterns begin to warp when you place the interactive cursor on the right spot. Part of the gameplay is surviving all these weirdo distractions and finding that sweet spot hidden in every level.
bird - Screenshot 2 Your progress is indicated by the right sound (you'll know when you hit it wrong and hear the wrong sound!), just play around with the current scene for long enough until your moving illusion cursor changes color.
The game also features one of the famous motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge, namely the Galloping horse, cut up, rearranged, remixed and ready for your vintage laterna magica illusion in front of you on your home computer. You can see this happening in the screenshot next to this text already, but ingame this is way more fun!

This game is best enjoyed in full screen mode!

Status: Released
Price: Freeware
Release Date:

Still interested? Read some critical reviews and internet comments:

[...] very interesting, in a way that made me feel I was undergoing psychological profiling.
- Alasdair Beckett-King
A combination of Rorschach test and AcidWarp, but it was fun to play.
- sthomannch
This is one weird game. But a memorable experience, none-the-less. And quite fun, once you sort of get some kind of gist.
- Stupot

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