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- loose art collective by day, gamedevs by night -

Welcome to the one stop shop to all your comic journey needs with still standing pictures (and some that look like they don't). Do your escapism thing and get lost in the images, get drawn into their world or use them to meditate and solve the big problems in life. Believe in yourself and make it happen!

Gallery of Confusion

Click the image to jump head first into the complete gallery of confusion and very disorienting images that are still images but still seem to move.
These images are very much inspired by the works of Yurii Perepadia and Akioshi Kitaoka.

360° Panorama

Click the image for a full dive into the panoramic viewer of the already interesting looking preview image. You'll be placed right inside this heap of 4096 (16x16x16) spherical objects and can view them from all angles...

Also, when you like this already, you very probably and a bit likely also like the Toxic Tuba 360° Panoramic videos that are even crazier to look at because there is even more movement in them...