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Sabotage on Noegato-Bas

Sabotage on Noegato-Bas

Sabotage on Noegato-Bas We are proud to release Sabotage on Noegato-Bas v1.0 still in 2019. v0.9 was the entry for the 1 week Cyberpunk Jam 2019. This is now v1.0 with even more fun in it, though we did pretty well on the jam already!

Planet NOEGATO-BAS is controlled by FUELZ, a giant corporation. FUELZ has pipelines all over the planet and controls around 90% of the trade on the planet. Recently FUELZ shortened workers' wages on planet Noegato-Bas and also introduced a currency they pay it out in, that is only accepted in Rocket Town, the capital and spaceport of Noegato-Bas.

Sabotage on Noegato-Bas Dim is part of a lose cell of workers united unter the name of MOLOTOV. Their plan is to disrupt business of the FUELZ company and especially to destroy one of their pipelines in the southern district. You play as Dim and your task is to help him reach MOLOTOV's goals!

made with <3, coffee, blender & AdventureGameStudio

Status: Released
Price: Freeware
Release Date:

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