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On this very page you can find links to all kind of interesting pages across the web. Of course these are mainly pages somehow or even loosely associated with the loose art collective Toxic Tuba and more art related pages...

Gamedev friends

Binary Legends
Makers of Indiana Jones and the 7 Cities of Gold. This is an hommage to the 1992 Lucas Arts Classic game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and also to the Last Crusade adventure video game from 1989.
There is an old demo out there, but this is nothing compared to the current game and art quality. We'll see what ever comes out of there.

Quill 'o the Wisp
Makers of FORGE, the unofficial sequel of the 1990 Lucas Arts classic LOOM. Ask me about FORGE! The first chapter of the game is released already and it could be that this is it.
But grab it and enjoy it for what it is, it is free and a great game that has you solving puzzles and bending reality with magic all the time in a glorious retro resolution of 320x240 pixels. Sweet animations, a great soundtrack and clever writing and puzzles keep you playing all the way through!

Golden Flame Productions
Golden Flame Productions is producing sweet and short to midlenght point and click adventure games and one day Toxic Tuba will buy the majority of all shares of Golden Flame Productions and rebrand it to a pixelporn studio.
Makers of The Jimi Hendrix Case, a very funny and confusing game set in a world where everyone is Jimi Hendrix and you are Officer Jimi Hendrix and have to solve a mysterious murder Case...
Currently developing Kate and Shelly Stick Together, a point and Click with beautiful pixelart about friendship and all about how to grow up and survive life in colleague.


Adventure Game Studio
AGS is a great piece of software to put together oldschool point and click adventures games in no time. Well, maybe it needs some time to make it good. AGS is the main hub for all your graphics, animations, story ideas and music/sounds. And contrary to the proprietary big player unity it is completely free and open source.

Blender 3D
There is no better time to get into blender and 3D than now. No really, blender is open source and free and getting better and better with every new version all the time. It sure is up there with Cinema 4D and Maya and zBrush and can do all they can do and combines them and even more, it is very impressive. Though these many features come with the cost of a steep learning curve for beginners, but once you are past that certain point it gets easier and more fun all the time!
Blender is very complex and you need a lot of things from other sources than to make good art. Take a look at our ever growing collection of useful blender ressources and find out how to become a better artist faster.
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