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Eternal Chrysalis

Eternal Chrysalis reverted


Eternal Chrysalis lets you discover scientifically advanced technology and antique artifacts on an archaeological expedition in an ancient egyptian pyramid. You are Harry Masterson, a young and interested archaeologist in the near future. He helps Dr. Farningham, an experienced scientist and archaeologist who was involved in the developement of some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in archaelogy. He is the spiritual father and pushing motor behind the development of the mummy ray, a device that is planned to revive the cells in old, very old and even ancient egyptian tissue. Dr. Farningham still is unsure of the utilizability of the mummyray and wants to study and tweak it more. Harry Masterson, who was also closely involved in the development of the mummyray, instead wants to finally see results and start the live study of the mummy ray rather yesterday.
Tension between the two clashing opinions escalates and Harry sneaks into the excavation / laboratory deep inside the old pyramid late at night only to get involved in a centuries spanning adventure.
Playtime is still manageable in one to two lunch breaks...

Eternal Chrysalis Reverted - Harry Masterson Eternal Chrysalis Reverted - Harry Masterson

Progress: ~70%
Price: Freeware
Release Date:
sometime 2018

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