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Hello and welcome to the main hub page for the loose art collective called Toxic Tuba!

Here you find updates and archives of all the wonderfully weird art coming out of the Toxic Tuba...
Just use the menu bar above to navigate around the pages and click the logo on the very top to return to this main hub page, though you probably don't need this as every page is accessible via the navigation bar up there...

But make sure to check out the following interesting things:
Make sure to check out the complete videos page with even more wonderfully weird videos than shown here!

Graffiti Timelapse Video

Sacred Hallway of Eternal Endlessness
Low Poly Flamingos

Low Poly Flamingos



Cyber Jam at the Neon Disco

Cyber Jam at the Neon Disco

Cyber Jam at the Neon Disco

Dolor de Corazón / Cabeza Partida

The games should be the main focus of the Toxic Tuba Collective, but there are lots of distractions like videos, real life, drinks, women and food with vanilla taste, so sadly most of what you see here is work in progress.
Bird is old but finished, some translations are available, just check the main overview page for all games or jump directly to a game page below:

The blog is outsourced now, please follow these links to the Toxic Tuba Deviant Art page and the Toxic Tuba Tumblr. Follow us there!

What happend?
Once everything was fine and there was a blog on tumblr with interesting texts, otherwise unreleased sketches and small artworks and it all was embedded here on in small and on a special page only for the blog with bigger pictures.
Then at the beginning of 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union was in full effect and all websites have to ask for your consent before placing cookies. This made it just impossible to embed a tumblr blog onto this website as you would have to accept the tumblr cookies before "their" content could be displayed to you, which is actually this page's content hosted on their servers with a blog system.
This is very annoying, as you would have to visit their pages, accept their cookies, and then you can come back here and enjoy the convenience of not having to spend time to visit another page because the blog is embedded here. See where this is going?!
But fear not, if you are interested in some artistic sketches and ideas found nowhere around these pages here, just check out the links atop this paragraph.

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